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Proefschrifterij delivers a dissertation that fits together in all its joints, that is graphically responsible, and that is printed in high quality. All of this while costing you surprisingly little. Excited? Read our story.

Welcome to Proefschrifterij!

Good to see you here! The writing of your dissertation is complete. After all the work you've put into it, your dissertation deserves a perfect finishing touch.

We will always be able to help you with your dissertation. We are happy to assist you with formatting, printing, and even publishing.

We understand that this final step in completing your dissertation is exciting. Therefore, we will use our complete expertise to help you. We go beyond just printing. Together, we will complete your dissertation so that you can really hold it in your hands and defend it later. Do you also have publishing plans? At Proefschrifterij, we guide you from start to finish.

This means: we deliver a dissertation that fits together in all its joints, that is graphically responsible, and that costs you surprisingly little.

Why Choose Proefschrifterij?

If you choose Proefschrifterij, you will be guided from start to finish by the same colleagues. From your quote to the eventual handover of your proof copy. We have designers in-house, maintain personal contact with you with a small team, and ensure that you can start quickly. We keep the instructions simple; Proefschrifterij helps you from start to finish, whatever your plans may be.

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Sustainable and Responsible

With the dissertations we print, we aim not only to pass on culture but also the Earth to future generations. We achieve this by, among other things, investing in the Trillion Trees project of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and by contributing to the Literacy Foundation (Stichting Lezen & Schrijven).

More information about sustainability and obtaining a doctorate

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We will ensure that your dissertation, after all the work you've put into it, receives the perfect finishing touch. A team of professionals is ready for you. Meet the team.