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When you choose us, you will be guided from start to finish by the same colleagues: from your quote to the eventual delivery of your proof copy. We have in-house designers, maintain personal contact with you through a small team, and ensure that you can start quickly. We keep the instructions simple; Proefschrifterij assists you from start to finish, whatever your plans may be.


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We are located in the middle of the Netherlands, to be precise, in Soest, directly adjacent to Soest-Zuid station. To keep costs as low as possible for you as a doctoral candidate, we do not have branch offices at various universities but invite you to visit us. We have everything on hand, and you will have the opportunity to meet the team directly.

Complex Parkstaete
Nieuweweg 109
3765 GC Soest

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We will ensure that your dissertation, after all the work you have put into it, receives the perfect finishing touch. A team of professionals is ready for you. Meet the team.