Defending Your Dissertation

You're almost there. You've dedicated years to your dissertation, and its content is now fully developed. We've assisted you in designing and printing your dissertation, and you now have several beautiful copies ready to be distributed. There's just one more thing left: defending your dissertation.


The date of your defense is set. Now it's time to gather interested parties, people that were involved, family, and other close ones to attend the defense. This can be achieved through an invitation, often taking the form of a bookmark.

If you choose to have your invitation crafted by Proefschrifterij, we ensure it seamlessly aligns with the design of your dissertation. The great part is that you also receive this at no extra cost when you publish your dissertation.

The bookmarks are provided at no cost in the same quantity as your dissertations. If you wish to print more copies, that's certainly possible.

In contrast to your dissertation, the invitation doesn't have mandatory components. So, if you have special and/or additional requests, please let us know. Generally, we can add these at no extra charge.

If you prefer a different or additional type of invitation, such as a flyer or a double-sided layout, this is possible at an additional cost. Feel free to specify this in your quote request.


While the defense has taken on a more ceremonial role in the doctoral process, it remains an essential part of your promotion.

It is customary to distribute a loose, single-sided sheet with thesis statements to the attendees before the defense begins. Thesis statements consist of several assertions that you, the doctoral candidate, deem necessary to elaborate on during your defense. Although the rules regarding thesis statements vary by university, two points can generally be assumed:

Again, there are no fixed rules for formulating thesis statements. Rely on your own expertise. What questions does your thesis answer? Base your statements on that. Once you have your statements ready, we will print them for you at no cost.

Defense Brochure/Flyer

There will undoubtedly be attendees at your defense who are less familiar with the subject of your thesis than you are. Especially for friends and family, attending is often more about the experience than the scientific aspect. Therefore, some doctoral candidates choose to distribute a promotional brochure before the defense begins, explaining their research in layman's terms. It may not be mandatory, but it is a thoughtful gesture toward those who have taken the time to attend your defense.