Extra Services

When you think about printing your thesis, you mainly focus on two things: the content and the design. That is, of course, what the entire thesis revolves around! But what can you do to give your thesis that little extra touch? Below, you can read more about the various additional services that we offer.



If you also want to make your thesis available for sale, you will need an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). For €12.50, we can request and register an ISBN for you with the Commissariat for the Media. The ISBN will be mentioned in the colophon of the book and can be placed as a barcode on the back of the cover.

An ISBN is, for example, necessary when you intend to sell your thesis.

Promotional Materials (business cards, flyers, etc.)

€50 + any printing costs

The purpose of your thesis, besides earning that coveted 'Dr.' title, is to share your research with the world. This often requires promotional activities.

If you attend a networking event and people show interest in your thesis, consider handing out a business card that briefly describes your contact information and thesis details.

If you've opted for a flipbook, it might be fitting – and environmentally friendly! – to share your book through a QR code. You can have this code printed on a personal business card and distribute it.

Do you want to invite those who have purchased the physical book to engage in discussions about the subject? Or perhaps you're just looking for an easy way to connect with readers? Include a bookmark in your books where you share your contact information.

For designing promotional materials, we charge €50 per type. If you also want us to handle the printing of the promotional materials, we'd be happy to provide a separate quote for that..

Special Hardcover Edition

Typically, a thesis is printed as a softcover. However, we understand that you may also prefer a hardcover edition. For €75, we can convert the files for you. A hardcover requires a different cover file than a softcover. Additionally, you will be responsible for the printing costs of the copies you order. This way, you can choose whether to order only one for yourself or multiple copies to distribute.