Custom Design

A dissertation – also known as a thesis – is much more than just the text it contains. You have carefully compiled your dissertation. Therefore, it is crucial that it is handled with care and looks perfect in the end.

At Proefschrifterij, we understand this. We have years of experience in designing and producing books. We keep the process as simple as possible for you by providing personal guidance from a small team.

The cover

The cover can be seen as your dissertation's business card. We create a professional cover based on your idea/preference, ensuring that your cover meets the printer's requirements. Whether you opt for a beautiful image, graphic design, or just text, it's all possible. The best part is that in most cases, we provide this service free of charge. The cover is essential; there should be no compromise.

If you want an ISBN on your dissertation, we will also place the barcode on the cover. Do you have a specific image that you'd like us to bring to life for you? We are very curious and would be happy to assist you further. If you prefer to leave the design entirely to the experienced designers at Proefschrifterij, we would be delighted to schedule a personal meeting to understand your preferences and proceed on your behalf. You can read more about our options here.

The interior

How the interior looks varies for each dissertation and deserves careful attention. One dissertation may include many tables and graphs, while the emphasis in another dissertation may be on organizing large blocks of text with possible enumerations and paragraphs with subheadings. Consistency is also crucial in every dissertation. Does each heading have the same formatting? Are all tables aligned correctly? Is the colophon page accurate?


To enhance the readability of the interior, adding elements is often essential. By incorporating these elements, you create a cohesive look that aligns with your cover and the overall design. We, at least, offer these elements:

Whether you want to add these elements yourself, present your ideas to us, or prefer to leave it entirely to us, your preference is always welcome. We process your files internally, not outsourcing any part of the process, whether it's just verification or comprehensive formatting from start to finish.

In all cases, we review your files to ensure they meet the printer's requirements and adhere to the standards of a professional dissertation. We thoroughly check all the dissertations we create.

Fully Taken Care Of

If you prefer to completely hand over the formatting, we can also handle the entire design of both the interior and cover of your dissertation. We begin by creating a sample chapter to align with your preferences. After receiving feedback, we proceed to format the entire dissertation. We coordinate on the delivery process to ensure everything goes smoothly. Choosing this option indicates a slightly broader budget and a desire for a professional to ensure that every detail of your dissertation is impeccable.

To assist you as effectively as possible in the interior design, we offer three options. You can explore the possibilities here.