From Digital File to Printed Dissertation

To transform your digital file into a stack of printed books, certain steps are necessary. We've summarized them below to ensure clarity and ease.


Request a Quote

The possibilities are endless, and reliable advice and a clear quote are essential for making an informed choice. Request a straightforward and competitive quote with no fine print or hidden costs. You can easily request a non-binding quote, and often you'll hear back from us within one working day. Would you like to speak to us first? You can request a free consultation.

Submit Files

If you decide to proceed with the collaboration, you'll receive all the necessary information to start the process. We'll guide you on which files to submit and how to provide them. If needed, you'll receive feedback so that we can then start working on your project.

Review Digital Proof

Once we've received all components, we'll prepare the digital proof. You'll receive your formatted dissertation in PDF for you to review the design and make any final corrections.

Evaluate Physical Proof

If the digital proof looks good, you'll receive the first physical copy of your dissertation. A significant moment! You can use this copy to check if all colors render accurately and if everything is neatly aligned.

Production and Delivery

If you approve the proof, we'll proceed to our printer. Your books will be printed and delivered within five working days. We care about the environment, so your books will be printed on FSC-certified paper.

What's Next?

Whether you want your dissertation available for online reading, intend to sell it, or realize you need more copies than initially ordered, we'll assist you further, even after printing.

To ensure a smooth process, we'll coordinate a suitable timeline. Typically, the process takes a few weeks. However, depending on deadlines, it can be expedited, and some steps may be skipped.

f you are in a hurry, please let us know. The entire process can be completed in a few days with clear deadlines and agreements.

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