Lead Time

How quickly we can get from a digital file to a stack of physical books largely depends on how much of the layout has already been done. Below, you'll find the steps you'll take when working together with Proefschrifterij with a time indication.

  1. You request a quotation. We'll draw up an overview of the costs and answer any questions you might have. You'll usually receive a quotation within one working day.
  2. If we can come to an agreement, our design experts will contact you to discuss the timeline. We'll then coordinate our plans and set the various deadlines, so we know when to expect something from each other.
  3. Once we have received all materials, we can get started! If we'll take care of the layout for you, we'll need about a week to get this done. Will you take care of the layout yourself - perhaps with us dotting the i's and crossing the t's - we can finish much quicker. You then receive a digital proof of your thesis: an accurate, digital representation of what your book will look like. Als wij alle materialen hebben ontvangen kunnen we aan de slag. You van use this document to find potential last errors.
  4. If you have any corrections/adjustments after checking the digital proof, we'll correct those for you or we'll ask you for a new PDF-document, depending on how you initially sent us your file. Depending on the number and type of corrections, this usually takes about one to two working days.
  5. After you've given us the OK on the revised document, we'll tell our printer to start printing your physical proof copy. If we've discussed an urgent delivery, we might choose to start printing the entire order right away. The printing process for a softcover book takes a few working days.
  6. If you find any last errors in the physical copy of your thesis, we'll be able to correct those. This step is only necessary if the publication isn't yet completely satisfactory.
  7. If your printed thesis is entirely to your liking, we'll tell our printer to start printing the entire order and to deliver them, free of charge, to an address of your choosing. The printing and delivery usually takes only a few working days.
  8. We've arrived at the final, best step in the entire process: defending your thesis!

To make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible, we like to establish a clear timeline. Usually, the process takes up a few weeks in its entirety. However, depending on your deadlines we can speed up the process or skip some steps.

If you have a tight deadline, please let us know. We can go from digital document to physical book in a few days with clear deadlines and agreements on both sides.