Minimum Amount of Copies

How many copies of your dissertation should you print, and what is the minimum amount? There is no one answer to that question. The minimum number of copies you need varies per university. Most universities have a minimum amount of copies you must submit to the board. Take, for example, of the copies you need for the Beadle's Office (usually 5-10 copies), a copy for all committee members (usually 7-11 members), several copies for the department's secretariat and the faculty office (can differ quite heavily, but usually 5-10 copies). Sometimes, it is mandatory to bring a few copies to the ceremony. In addition, you can order some extra copies for colleagues, invitees, and relevant media.

Printing a Dissertation in Small Quantities

When you want to print your dissertation in quantities ranging from 1 to 250 copies, your dissertation is typically produced using a printing-on-demand process. Strictly speaking, the books are not printed using a press but 'printed on demand.' However, because 'printing' has become synonymous with book production, the terms are used interchangeably. Nowadays, the quality of a printed book is on par with that of a traditionally printed book, offering many advantages. One notable advantage is the faster turnaround time (your dissertation can be printed and finished within 24 hours), and it can be produced in small quantities (possible from one copy) and is easier to reorder. There are essentially no differences in terms of preferences and finishing options. For example, a digitally printed dissertation can also be saddle-stitched. In the case of printing-on-demand (POD), it is essential to know how many pages are black and white and how many pages are in color; this partly determines the total price.

If you're unsure about the quantity of dissertations you need, feel free to request a tiered pricing structure for the number of copies (e.g., 50, 100, and 200 copies, or other quantities). Reorders are also possible in small quantities, starting from one copy.

A Printed Proof Copy

To ensure an accurate representation of your dissertation, a physical proof copy is the solution to dispel doubts. Before printing a physical proof copy, you will first receive a digital version of the files. Once approved, you will receive a physical copy, allowing you to make the final corrections. For orders of more than fifty copies, you will receive a proof copy of your dissertation free of charge.

Printing a Dissertation in Larger Quantities

If you want to print more than 250 copies of your dissertation, that's possible as well. Depending on the exact quantity and specifications, the books will be made using offset printing. There are more setup costs, but once everything is ready, the cost per copy is less than printing-on-demand. Since the book has sections, the total price calculation will consider the entire inner content in black and white or entirely in color, depending on whether the inner content contains colored text, illustrations, or photos. In offset printing, it is not possible to reorder in small quantities; it becomes very expensive, and the printer will not run the presses for such small quantities. This aspect should be considered when determining the print run. However, it is possible to reorder the book as a printing-on-demand copy.