Selling Your Dissertation through Bookstores and

The parent company of Proefschrifterij, Uitgeverij Boekscout, has been active in the publishing industry since 2006. We understand the market well and know what to consider when publishing your dissertation.

Interested individuals have the opportunity to order a physical copy of your dissertation. Once we receive the order, our printer starts producing the requested number of copies. Proefschrifterij manages the entire order processing and communication with the customer on your behalf.

We ensure that your book becomes available through our own web store. We commercially register your book with the CB (Centraal Boekhuis in the Netherlands), making it available for purchase through all (online) bookstores in the Netherlands and Belgium. This includes bookstores such as, Libris, Standaard Boekhandel, and more. The book is easily discoverable by every Belgian bookstore through, the Belgian counterpart of the CB.

For every purchase of a physical copy, you receive 10% royalties on the net selling price. This way, you not only have the opportunity to make the book available in printed form to a broad audience but also to make a little money from it as well.

For a more detailed overview of the possibilities for publishing your dissertation, you can read more here.